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We have found that the RS team get plans to reveal their ideas on RuneScape lore along with Aura/Loyalty point rework. Right now we will share some info on them for now.

What is the foreseeable future plan for lore?
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There has been plans for the lore which the RS team will talk about with the upcoming RuneFest 2018. For now we just know they can be been trying to weave account into content better. However are still thinking whether to switch their policy on search requirements entirely or not. Similar to Sliske's Endgame, until now few players have completed the idea. And it makes big changes to typically the plot, and the world will probably be a different place after Sliske's Endgame.

At the same time, part of the good reason that the 6th Age is simply not moving forward now is it’s based behind a quest necessitating almost every other quest in sport. As you all know, as the very last quest to take place in the 6th Age, The World Wakes is usually recommended completing all of the quests important for the optional rewards before you start the quest, regarded to offer the soft and hard search requirements.We believe it will be established whether they will repeat the globe Wakes model or have finish change on quest demands at RuneFest.

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