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Inspiring same-sex wedding ideas in 2018

There is nothing more exciting then finalizing your relationship and tying the knot. Nowadays, many wedding organizers and planners have so many posh and elegant ideas for same-sex weddings that you don’t have to worry at all. If you, on the other hand, wish to make your own genuine stamp, here are some chic ideas to make your wedding a blast. Get crafty When you have made an obligatory guest list and all your loved ones have confirmed their invitation, why not make a memory out of that and create a poster where they could leave a message for you? On the entrance, you can place a poster with you and your partner riding a bike (or a unicorn) and holding strings of the balloon. At the end of the string the guest will leave their rainbow-colored fingertip mark, and sign their names on their balloon. Cool, right? Then you can frame it and have it as a long-lasting memory. Or you can make fashionable pin-up accessory for the guests to wear, in that way all would be equal. Throw tradition into the wind The best thing about planning a same-sex wedding is that you don’t have to follow the tedious tradition, but rather make your own unique stamp. Dictating whose parents will pay for the wedding, who will walk the bride or the groom down the aisle, and other heteronormative practices should be completely excluded. You should focus only on yourselves and avoid getting hung up to those traditional practices. Have your dogs be the ring bearers, or you can hide your rings under the guests’ seats and let the celebrant explain the meaning of wedding as you search for the rings. Even try to intrigue the guests by sending them cool brightly colored wedding invitations with a certain clue of what fantastic party awaits them.
Make memories last forever Actually, some of the same-sex couples plan the wedding for the fun and party above all. It is the pivotal point of your relationship, but there is nothing stopping you to make it a fabulous blowout. One awesome idea is to have a photo booth backdrop which comes in numerous color variations and patterns and provide astonishing textured background for your photos. Also, you can customize your backdrop and place rainbow stickers or use ludicrous prompts such as crazy hats, wigs, mustaches and many more. That is a great idea for a customized since you really don't want to stand in one place like a log and just smile – be creative! Go bold with the decoration Have in mind that for your wedding you should not set any strict rules (or have no rules at all!). That goes for the decoration. Floral centrepieces scream tradition, as well as the bouquets, but you can choose the florals in colors that best match your relationship and love. You can ask your florist to make centrepieces in all different rainbow shades, the same goes for the other ornaments. Take the wedding cake for example! Does it have to be plain white? Of course not! Surprise your guests with colorful filling that is both extremely delicious and authentic. In the end, why not go overboard and order an ice sculpture? You will surely make an impression if you place a unicorn or swan ice sculpture.   Focus on the details So, you might have decided that you don’t want to have a huge ceremony and lavishing party, but rather something more intimate. Still, you should focus on being yourself and organize something truly memorable. You can order a same-sex cake topper, or design unique toast glasses. What is more, if you wish to look more subtly on your wedding day, you can wear matching cufflinks or any other matching jewelry. Another eye-catching detail would be to dress up the chairs with rainbow ribbons or opt for matching chair signs decorated with pretty blooms. You can display “Bride and Bride” or “Groom and Groom” dessert table signs with laser-cut letters that would certainly spruce up the feel. Keep in mind that these ideas can be altered and personalized according to your wishes, you can go traditional or be utterly authentic. Gay and lesbian couples should pursue originality, but whatever you decide to do make sure that you plan your wedding entirely on your terms and you will make it unforgettable.

Legal Requirements to Get Married in Australia for Overseas Couples

If you have always daydreamed of getting married overseas, you probably thought it’s quite complicated. Most of the couples that dream of an abroad wedding tend to get scared easily with the just mere thought of paperwork and complicated bureaucratic processes they might have to go through. What most of those couples don’t know is that getting married in some places in the world is quite easy.     We did a bit of researching on legal requirements overseas couples need to get married in Australia, and we’ve come up with this short guide. Hopefully, if you’re one of those people dreaming about getting married in the Land Down Under, this guide will help point you in the right direction, and soon you’ll have an unforgettable wedding. So, let’s not waste time, and let’s get straight to it.   Paperwork One of the things people are most scared of when it comes to marriage is paperwork. However, if you’re coming to get married in Australia, there isn’t so much of it. You will need to have all the documents you would need for a wedding anyway, things like evidence of date and place of birth, identity, and even the proof of the end of any previous marriages. You will also have to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage form, and you must give it to your celebrant at least one month and one day before the wedding, or up to 18 months before the happy day. If necessary, this notice could be completed and witnessed outside Australia. You will need to contact your government authorities in order to see what’s necessary for them to recognize the marriage, but most of the countries have quite an easy process, so don’t worry.   Legal Requirements There are some legal requirements if you want to get married in Australia, as it is with any other country in the world. Some of the requirements you must meet in order to have a beautiful wedding in the Land Down Under are as follows:   You or your partner must not be married to someone else, and if you have been married before, you need a legal proof of the end of that marriage.   You can’t marry your parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, brother or sister.   You must be at least 18 years old unless the court has approved a marriage with one party aged between 16 and 18 years of age.   You have to understand what marriage is, and you must freely consent to it, using specific words during the wedding ceremony.   You have to choose the celebrant that will help you with everything, and who will be the official to complete the ceremony.   You have to give the written notice of your intention to the authorized celebrant (Notice of Intended Marriage form we’ve talked about earlier), within the time frame previously stated. There are various ways to get everything you need for a wedding in Australia, but these legal requirements are something you have to fulfill in order to make your dream a reality. One of the best ways of really understanding the process is to look for experts for registration of marriage in NSW or anywhere you want to get married.   Things to Keep in Mind Australia is quite vast, and if you wanted to get married in a specific location, it can be arranged. Also, you really don’t have to be an Australian citizen to marry someone in Australia, as long as you fulfill all the legal requirements, and you have followed all of the indicated steps. Same-sex marriage is also legal in Australia since 2017, and you will need to have two witnesses to complete the marriage ceremony. Keep in mind that all paperwork has to be submitted in English by a recognized or a registered translator. There are loads of amazing wedding venues all over Australia, and spring season, especially September and October, are probably the most popular for weddings. Even during the Australian winter season (June-August), the climate is amazing and there are almost no rainy days.   Wrapping It Up Your wedding should be a day you will remember for the rest of your life. It should be a celebration of your new life and a celebration of amazing things that are yet to come. You shouldn’t focus on second-best and on replacements – if you’re dreaming of a wedding abroad, you should definitely do it. Hopefully, this article helped point you in the right direction when it comes to legal requirements for marrying in Australia.  
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