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Prepare The Wedding How To Save The Most Time?

OWNONLYMany brides and grooms wondering, how to start preparing for the wedding, before the big day? The answer is about 1 year before the wedding.   However, there is not much time that you can prepare for a good wedding. Here are the steps you need to know in order to make sure your wedding is going smoothly:   The sequence of wedding preparations is 9-12 months Notify the two parties, choose and agree on the wedding date
Plan how to prepare the wedding
Budgeting things to spend
Decide who will pay for the wedding
List the first guest list
Choose a wedding style vigrin human hair based on your interests and budget
Select a wedding venue
Prepare wedding for 6 months Preparing for the ceremony: decide the number of caskets to eat, find places to eat, ask the family to give presents, arrange all the procedures to ask, the bride to order clothes / rent dress, ...
Make guest list 2, reduce the number of guests
Order wedding restaurant
Choose a sample, find a place to order or rent a wedding dress
how to prepare the wedding ft

Choose a studio, schedule a wedding photo shoot or arrange to take a wedding photo if you decide to take your self (take a friend, hire a freelancer ..)
During this time, if the condition and unable to care for the wedding, the bride and groom should look to the wedding planner.
Pre-marital health examination

  Prepare wedding for 3 months Dress for family members and buy accessories such as shoes, chiffon, flower head ... for the two main characters.
Buy wedding rings
Choose your honeymoon destination, book your hotel early for the best price
Print wedding card
Wedding photography and complete album, wedding photo slide, wedding photo to display in the party
Purchase furniture for new home, wedding room
How to prepare for a wedding after 2 months Make a wedding card, send a wedding card to the guests
Car rental, family transportation, relatives on the wedding day
Complete the wedding dress of the bride and groom dress for ones.
Set flowers and decorative flowers
Set the casket to ask
Thanks for your help, you can help with the ceremony or hire a team of packages
Fonts, hiring, tables and chairs for the ceremony
Holiday home decorating asked
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