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4 principles of bridal Vietnam remy hair care

The principles of bridal hair care, extremely simple and easy to help the bride have healthy Vietnam remy hair for the wedding day.
1. Do not change hairstyles, hair care products You should not do a new hairstyle (including dyeing, stretching, bending), shampooing, Vietnam hair styling close to the wedding day. Because if you are not beautiful, you will not have enough time to "fire". You should only change these things before your wedding day for 4 to 5 months. Do not change the hair style, hair care products just before the wedding day 2. Take care of your Vietnam remy hair from the inside Nutrition plays a very important role in your health and hair. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day, which helps eliminate toxins in the body, leaving your skin and hair dry and dull. Supplement the essential vitamins and minerals such as zinc (found in beans), vitamin A (found in dark green vegetables) and vitamin B6 (found in eggs). Drinking at least 2 liters of water a day, eating enough nutrients is a way of hair care At the same time, pay attention to your regular hair. If you want to use any kind of nutritional care, brew hair, you should consult expert. 3. Protect your hair from the effects of the environment Wear a sun hooded hat, a hat that does not come in direct contact with environmental factors or use a sunblock for your hair in the sun. 4. Wash your hair before the wedding day Do not wait too long to wash your hair before styling for about a day, especially with straight hair or thin Vietnam remy hair. When the hair is not too smooth and the hair is not spiked, styling is easy and does not require much product on the hair. 4. Choose your hair style after choosing the dress Choose a wedding dress before choosing a hairstyle to make sure they fit together. You should plan ahead 2-3 hairstyles. Be more careful, you can try your Vietnam remy hair first then dress in the prepared wedding gown.

Take care of the bride's Vietnam hair before the wedding day

Any bride wants to be the best version of herself on the wedding day, so it's not just the care of clothes or accessories that even the skin, Vietnam hair ... need to be prepared. from 3 to 4 months ago. Any bride wants to be the best version of herself on the wedding day, so it's not just the care of clothes or accessories that even the skin, hair ... need to be prepared. from 3 to 4 months ago. Especially with the  Vietnamese hair, many brides are wondering how to care for hair damaged by sun, dust or tangle due to less daily care. Let Marry refer to some tips for your hair care or help you quickly get back to the stream of shine before the wedding day! As a "quick" firefight for brides who have too short pixie Vietnam hair or do not have enough time to care, combing their hair is one way you can quickly keep your hair long in the shortest possible time. Today's hair extensions come in a variety of methods, from the use of lead, glue, wax to the heat pipe, etc. The hair used for the connection is also extremely varied, you can use real hair or wigs with finberglass with smooth, natural feeling is not inferior to real hair. → How to connect your Vietnam hair?  Depending on the technique, the length and thickness of the splicing hair will be carried out within 1 to 1.5 hours. Many people also think that the bristles are very brittle and cause real damage to the hair, however, according to experts, you are not affected during the time before and after the hair. → When should hair be connected? It is best to do 2 weeks before the wedding, because the Vietnam hair joints will follow the hair extensions grow longer during this time, easily lead to hair loss, aesthetic and not beautiful. . If you do not want to expose the hair extension, you can have your specialist reconnect the joints to the roots. → How does hook hair work? I can not say that hair extension is a great "invention" for women, because anyone who cultivates hair also understands that no matter how much you use the method of incubation - hair care, care, long hair size also Not really significant, especially if you are preparing for a wedding. Coupling hair can be used for up to 4 months, depending on whether your hair grows fast or slow. Coupling hair can also be washed and styled like natural hair. To nourish the hair, you should use non-sulfur products, avoid oil, wax or alcohol. Tips for bridal Vietnam hair before the wedding day
Limit the split ends hair. It is recommended to trim the ends of the hair 6 times a week, and the girl should also tie the hair with rubber or soft cloth. Also, wear sun visors directly on your hair and use a silk / satin pillow to keep your hair protected, avoiding tangles in the morning.
Regular use of the conditioner after call and can use steam from 2-3 times / month.
Keep in mind that not all hair care products are right for you. Always plan your hair care and listen to the hair care professional you trust to make the most of your hair care routine.
Choose gentle hairstyles that do not require too much drying, bending or the use of gum or Vietnam hair glue that affects the health of your hair.

Undoubtedly, "short-Haired Bride" Is The Hottest Trend This Holiday Season

short vietnam hair brides often wonder how to make hairstyles in the big day. Although you do not have long bangs, you are still beautiful and charming with some suggestions for short vietnam hair brides. What about short vietnam hairstyles? You can express your own personality with countless beautiful hairstyles and accessories. Short-haired brides tend to be simple and modern, easy to work with without make-up.   Bride short vietnam hair pixie If you have short pixie hairstyles, then you must be a trendy girl. Pixie's hairstyle embraces the top of a modern look that fits well with open-back wedding gowns, fishtail skirts, sexy breast skirts. This pixie hairstyle does not need to carry any accessories that are beautiful enough and impressive. But to be more prominent, brides can wear a short, bearded veil. If you do not like veil, a lightweight mane is the best choice for short pixie hair.   The bride's hair is short Even without long hair, the short, shoulder-length bridesmaid can still be charming in classical style. If your hair is thick enough, use the French Twist. Combination of hairbrush and toothpick will bring a romantic hairstyle. French tuxedo is an interesting suggestion for brides who love elegance and gentleness. Another option for shoulder-length hairstyle, you can curl your hair and create a lace accent on your head. This short-haired bride makes you gentle but also very modern.   What's more appropriate is a short vietnam hair that is naturally disturbed. She can add some small details such as hair flowers, wreaths, chiffon, ... to become softer, more beautiful. The girls possessing bob hair style have very strong personality. Try combing hair combs from metallic rings. Just as simple, you will be surprised to see yourself in the mirror.   Very pretty hairstyles for the bride hair shoulder width Do not worry about your short vietnam hair. Hair styles for brides and brides You can create curly bob curls and gels, followed by neat hair with hairpin, fresh flowers or hair to create a romantic and unique style. Plus, the bob side of the grip on the side look very seductive and somewhat ... rebellious, suitable for the bride personality and modern. To style this hair, you curl over your head. Use a hairpin or a fixed comb on one side, the other on the other. Do not forget to flower or small crown to highlight the fixed hair.   Type of wedding braid Whether your hair is shorter than your shoulders or your length is limited, some curls will also highlight your point. You can let your hair straighten or straighten your hair. Next, apply the waterfall hairstyle for your wedding hair. In case your hair is too short, you can still create some curls from the roof. To make your hair short, do not forget to add flowers or ribbons to hide your buddies.   Short-haired The brides have slim shoulders, the neck is high and the face is elegant, suitable for short and high short vietnam hairstyles. Bride short with high ribbon combined with stone bracelets, cloth flowers, ... show the beauty of luxury. The girls should choose the chest dress with cut cut deep with this hairstyle will create an attractive pull.   short vietnam hair with low bumps If your hair is long over your shoulders, you can apply a shorter, shorter, shorter hair to the neck. This hairstyle makes you look feminine and sweet. With short bumps, you can choose a variety of wedding dresses such as princess dresses, chest skirts, shoulder straps ... to show off your slim shoulders. The low-pitched bride's hair is well-suited to luxurious rockers and light makeup.   Accessories for short vietnam hair bridesmaid The feather hats are aristocratic hair accessories, a symbol of British royal fashion. You can combine pastel pastel, pastel or pastel gold in the same color as wedding dresses. Hats off to complete the classic look and luxury for short vietnam hair brides. Just with a nice ribbon, the braided short vietnam hair will become different and more prominent. Tie the ribbon from the beginning of the hair to the ends of the hair to make a rope hidden in the hair. Ribbons in the same color as hot dye: pink, light yellow, platinum, moss smoke ... will make your hair shine as light hook when viewed from afar.   After all, you should feel really comfortable and be yourself on your wedding day. If your face matches the short vietnam hairstyle, you are confident with your style. The above suggestions will help you transform into a bridal hair short and charming and shine in the big day.




Prepare The Wedding How To Save The Most Time?

Many brides and grooms wondering, how to start preparing for the wedding, before the big day? The answer is about 1 year before the wedding.   However, there is not much time that you can prepare for a good wedding. Here are the steps you need to know in order to make sure your wedding is going smoothly:   The sequence of wedding preparations is 9-12 months Notify the two parties, choose and agree on the wedding date
Plan how to prepare the wedding
Budgeting things to spend
Decide who will pay for the wedding
List the first guest list
Choose a wedding style vigrin human hair based on your interests and budget
Select a wedding venue
  Prepare wedding for 6 months Preparing for the ceremony: decide the number of caskets to eat, find places to eat, ask the family to give presents, arrange all the procedures to ask, the bride to order clothes / rent dress, ...
Make guest list 2, reduce the number of guests
Order wedding restaurant
Choose a sample, find a place to order or rent a wedding dress
how to prepare the wedding ft

Choose a studio, schedule a wedding photo shoot or arrange to take a wedding photo if you decide to take your self (take a friend, hire a freelancer ..)
During this time, if the condition and unable to care for the wedding, the bride and groom should look to the wedding planner.
Pre-marital health examination

  Prepare wedding for 3 months Dress for family members and buy accessories such as shoes, chiffon, flower head ... for the two main characters.
Buy wedding rings
Choose your honeymoon destination, book your hotel early for the best price
Print wedding card
Wedding photography and complete album, wedding photo slide, wedding photo to display in the party
Purchase furniture for new home, wedding room
How to prepare for a wedding after 2 months Make a wedding card, send a wedding card to the guests
Car rental, family transportation, relatives on the wedding day
Complete the wedding dress of the bride and groom dress for ones.
Set flowers and decorative flowers
Set the casket to ask
Thanks for your help, you can help with the ceremony or hire a team of packages
Fonts, hiring, tables and chairs for the ceremony
Holiday home decorating asked
Prepare wedding before 1 month Working with the wedding planner, final agreement on the plan, detailed scenario of the wedding. If the wedding ceremony itself, the bride and groom must script the wedding day, including the welcome screen, reception, wedding ceremony at the banquet party ...

Working with MCs at the wedding, unifying the program.
Choose decorating flowers, place wedding cakes and buy beauty accessories for the party and prepare a happy cash box.
Choose the wedding menu, the number of tables, the last number of guests
Choose people to help you pick up guests, place guests in both boys and girls (relatives or close friends)
Carrying out procedures for marriage registration.
The bride, groom relax, go to the spa, skin care, hair repair ... prepared to "shine" on his big day.
You know how to prepare for a wedding and when to prepare. The other half embarked to realize the dream wedding right away!



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