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Tips about weddings in Santorini island

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Santorini Local Wedding Trends

Wedding traditions In Santorini   Getting married in Greece is a really big deal throughout the centuries. All over Greece there are some very special customs and traditions. In Santorini there are some interesting trends when it comes to modern Weddings. Especially for those of you that are interested in having something unique for their most special day, below I give you 4 local trends that all weddings in Santorini should include:   Music Local Musicians: Tradition on the island has it that the bride is escorted by local musicians throughout the way from her house to the venue of the wedding. Traditional wedding songs are sung throughout the way and sometimes the musicians make some lyrics on the way saying a story for the bride and groom. The most traditional musical instruments are the Violin and Lute or Outi in Santorini and the musicians are always dressed in the traditional costumes of the island.   Favors Koufeto: Koufeto is a local Cycladic sweet that is served to all guests after the ceremony of the Wedding. Tradition has is that the first to taste the Koufeto are the bride and Groom and then all the rest of the family and guests. Koufeto is a combination of honey and almonds prepared in a special local recipe. The custom started many years ago and honey was offered as a sample of the sweet years of marriage to come for the couple and the almonds as a symbol of prosperity so that the couple will have strong and healthy offsprings.   Special Events Donkey Ride: As Donkeys are the most famous animals on the island of Santorini , they can be the best means of transportation for the Wedding Couple. The story behind this trend is that long ago, before any wheeled vehicles appeared on the island, Donkeys used to take people everywhere they needed to go and so the Bride and Groom also reached and left the Wedding Venue traditionally on them. Since luxury vehicles have arrived on the island Donkeys are mostly used for short rides that provide the couples not only a genuine feeling but also some unforgettable memories and great photos…   Caldera Cruise: The Caldera of Santorini is a really unique place worldwide. Most of the couples decide to travel to Greece and more specifically in Santorini in order to gaze that scenery and have that amazing background on their wedding memories. If you plan your wedding in Santorini this is a really special idea and something that more and more couples choose nowadays is having a wedding reception on board. Combining a newlywed’s celebration and a Caldera cruise is the ultimate wedding experience. Morning or Sunset, Traditional Wooden boat or a Catamaran Sailing Yacht, this experience will stay with you forever.   Can’t wait to tie the knot in a traditional way in Santorini Island surrounded by breathtaking views at every angle? We don't blame you. Contact Marryposa Royal Events today to talk all things wedding and start planning the day of your dreams.
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