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5 Tips To Buy An Engagement Ring

This note is aimed at children who visit Lola ... Why them? Because they are responsible for buying that special gem for us women. Guide for guys to buy an engagement ring It all starts when you are planning to do the big question, and decide to buy the engagement ring ... here you have two options: Surprise your girlfriend with a ring that you yourself have chosen, which I think is super romantic! This is something you should do in your girlfriend and through this explicit promise ring thinking and the importance of a future together. Inquiring (seeing jewelers and asking what style you like, with family or friends) what are the tastes of your girlfriend without her choose the jewel ... just not right. When choosing the ring you will meet many styles, cuts, shapes and metals. I know it is not easy to decide; but the main thing to know is what your options are, today I will share five surefire tips to consider when buying an engagement ring.   1. Know the pros and cons of precious metals   Gold: The most popular and traditional for engagement rings and wedding rings option. It comes in a variety of carats (the higher the number of carats, the higher the proportion of gold) and you can get it in various shades of color. Gold is cheaper than platinum, because its shine wears over time and may require that pull's frequently to keep. Platinum: It’s denser, more durable and stronger than gold. Platinum keeps its shine indefinitely and is the most expensive of the precious metals used in jewelry. PD: He is a member of the platinum family, is more durable and more scratch resistant than gold, but not as much as platinum. Palladium is hypoallergenic; its color is lighter than white gold and platinum. It is a less expensive for those who like white jewelry alternative. Titanium: It’s cheap and durable, but cannot be resized and generally do not exhibit a high degree of craftsmanship. This is a good option for people who cannot afford expensive rings.   2. Know where to buy   Engagement rings and wedding rings can be purchased at a regular jewelry store or online. Difference between them is that traditional jewelry, rings lets you try to check the size and in turn receive the personal attention of a salesman. And the good thing is that online jewelers offer a better overall price and higher number of models. What's more, there are many online stores that also give you the option to design your own ring according to your budget and preferences. You do not know why store decide? Looking for one with an excellent return policy and warranty, as well as proving that the diamond is free of conflict or problem.   3. Know the 4Cs of diamonds   Diamonds are available in a variety of colors, sizes and qualities. 4C is a universal classification system, which is used to classify and compare the quality of diamonds. The 4C are carat (Carat in English), color, clarity and cut. Each of the 4C is important when you are choosing a diamond. Find the best diamond according to your budget usually involves a compromise between 4C. For example, you might have to choose between a larger and less clearly a smaller diamond with greater clarity diamond.   4. The mount ring   When a diamond ring is crimped well, it will look clear, whereas when not properly assembled or crimping the stone will look dull. You can choose a simple frame like a loner, add stones to the sides, watermark, or special detail.   5. Know the best known diamond shapes   The "form" of a diamond is not the same as their "cut". Describes how the external appearance of the diamond (e.g., round, heart-shaped, pear-shaped, etc.). The cut refers to the reflective of the diamond, if a diamond has good cut, will allow you to be bright and in turn deflect the light. The most popular form of diamond on the market today is the traditional round brilliant, which represents more than 75% of diamonds sold today. You must not forget to buy a ring on a budget, it is not funny you should up the soul to please your girlfriend, so take note that you must first save, then you have to order it, send him to record (if you) . You can also request an appraisal and ensure the ring. All this before the big day! I hope you do not forget these tips and help you decide the perfect ring for your partner ... Good luck and bye bye!



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