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  1. How long does it usually take to book a destination wedding? 1 year? How about in 2 years? After planning hundreds of weddings per year, we have come to a very important bottom line: all couples are different.


    It doesn´t matter if you wish to book 3 years in advance or 2 months in advance, we have got it covered. There are only so many factors that go into a wedding, to name a few; flowers, food, dress, cake, photographer, venue, colors and decorations.

    Now imagine planning all of this in only 72 hours, yes you read that right, 72 hours. Not 72 days, not 72 weeks, but only 72 hours! Well, we made it happen and it all started on a Tuesday afternoon.

    Last Tuesday afternoon we received an unusual request, as a bride was inquiring about availability for Friday, for that same Friday. Now, even though January is a very busy month for weddings in the beautiful Las Caletas beach, which is located in warm Puerto Vallarta, we were lucky to have availability on such short notice.


    So what did we do? We got to work! Our amazing Adventure Weddings team did the unthinkable yet not impossible. We contacted our future bride in no time, who let us know her fiancé and her were in town and decided to have an elopement wedding, how cool! Once we explained in a very brief yet precise way of how we would make this work, it was only Wednesday and the adventurous couple had booked their Barefoot ceremony with Adventure Weddings and was already working with our coordinators.


    The date and time were set, Friday at 8:00am was the meeting time for our couple to begin this adventure. Our wonderful coordinator had 24 hours to arrange a wedding, a beautiful barefoot ceremony for 2, on a hideaway beach which is only reached by boat.


    Flowers & Decorations:

    As they say, there is beauty in simplicity, and even though simple was key in this wedding planning, beauty was definitely achieved. For their reception they chose wood exposed tables & chairs with white table runners and napkins.

    For the flowers, they chose an adorable combination of white and greenery, using mostly white roses, eucalyptus and gypso for the boutonniere, bouquet & centerpiece. The bride also wore a gorgeous flower crown made by our florists using only baby’s breath. However, we are sure no matter what flowers she chose, her happiness was glowing at all times.



    There is always time for cake, which in order to match the theme was a naked, vanilla frosted, 1 tier oh so delicious cake with a couple of white roses on the top.


    Key Ingredients: Love & Happiness

    The entire day was magical, their love and happiness was glowing every minute. Not only did we manage this “express” booking and planning, however they made our week by sharing this amazing love story and allowing us to be part of it.

    We look forward to having many more unique stories of this kind, where only love matters, where we could make a dream come true and witness the beginning of an amazing adventure.


    Adventure Weddings truly appreciates each of our couples for allowing us to bring their dreams to life and we can´t wait to see what many future brides and grooms have in store for us.

    Thank you!


    -Adventure Weddings

  2. Hi everyone! I recently got engaged to the love of my life and just barely started planning! Ive always dreamed of a destination beach wedding and thought Bermuda would be perfect since its only a 3hr flight away. We both have huge families and am probably looking at a min of 100guests. I would love an Oceanside resort however i know mosts resorts require most if not all of the guests to stay at that resort and not sure i want to tell my guests on where they need to stay. Im aiming for Wedding to be in Sept/ October of 2018. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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    We have been planning a wedding at the Paradisus Hotel in Cancun for about a year. The wedding took place on May 28, 2017. 120 people came from all over the world to celebrate with us. We had 50 rooms at the hotel.

    The person from the Romance department that worked with us was Melina Andrea Guerrero Rios. She was horrible!!!!! Words can not describe the aggravation we had all this year and especially the weekend of the wedding. Melina Andrea Guerrero Rios is unprofessional, does not have a clue how to organize a wedding, we don't understand how she got to this position. She did NOTHING we asked for. Melina Andrea Guerrero Rios over charged us for things she didn't do!!!! We paid $3500 for flowers, and two hours before the wedding Melina tells us that she did not order the flowers and ended up just putting some ugly flower arrangements throughout the wedding area not the flowers that we paid for.

    Melina Andrea Guerrero Rios came in the middle of the ceremony and asked us to sign papers for extras putting us in a tight spot where we couldn't even look at what the terms and conditions of those extras were, forcing us to sign minutes before the ceremony under stress and committing to payments that we were not aware of. Melina Andrea Guerrero Rios pulled out the plug of our music in the middle of the reception and asked for extra $2000usd if we wanted to continue for another hour, when asking her to show the contract where the time was stated she pulled out a paper that had the time in very small print without our signature on it, our signature was on all the other pages except that one surprisingly!!! Worst experience ever!!!!! She made the bride and groom very upset!!!! If that wasn't enough we had so many problems with the rooms. Many of our guests had to switch rooms including the bride and groom. Some rooms did not have air conditioning for three days in a row, one room had a leaky air conditioning causing the floor to get wet causing the groom to slip and hurt his arm. The hotel itself has no air conditioning in the lobby at all, or in any of the restaurants in the hotel, the hotel is built with an open top so that they can have airflow but in Cancun with 100% humidity that's just not enough.

    Finally after the horrific ordeal with Melina, when we requested to have the centerpieces (valued over $3000) that we provided returned to us, Melina claimed that it's in the contract that we need to pick up the centerpieces immediately as soon as the wedding is over, and now they are lost, (you really expect a bride and groom or family members to start collecting centerpieces in the midst of their celebration?). A day later when we came into Melina's office to discuss the ordeal she had a bunch of our centerpieces sitting in her office, she never bothered to call us and let us know that she found some of them, not even 10% of what we provided.

    Finally after being told by Melina that she does not have a supervisor and there is nobody above her that we can talk too we got to one of the hotel managers Mario and after we presented to Mario a bunch of the emails that support all of our claims and all of our complaints including the flowers that we have paid for and ordered, his resolution to all this BS that we had to deal with, was to offer the bride and groom two nights stay at the hotel. The condition was that they would accept this as satisfactory, sign away any rights to future claims and not place any bad reviews about what has happened. Refusing to offer a refund for the stuff that was not provided per our contract. Obviously we refused

    So if you are planning a wedding in Paradisus Cancun I would recommend to think again, and definitely for sure not to work with Melina Andrea Guerrero Rios!!!!!!


    In all honesty there are some excellent staff members at the hotel namely Tabata Who is in charge of the pool area and the Coco club beach cabanas and her amazing staff such as Manuel who treated us like royalty.


    Devastated mother of the bride.

  3. Hello everyone! So I recently got engaged to the love of my life and just started the planning. However, I haven't picked a location and I'm already stressed! He wants to tie the knot in Mexico and having that we love to party we heard Cancun is the way to go. The more I search the more indecisive I am and my options just expand. I will have a minimum of 40 people and our children present. I need a breath taking resort hopefully all inclusive. Wedding will be in October of 2018. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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    Hello all!!! Looking into venues for our destination wedding... anyone have any experience with the Excellence El Carmen in Punta Cana?!? Any Information would be helpful!! I know it is a newer resort and I can't find many reviews Thanks!!!

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    i have david Bridal dress i would like 550.00 for it



    thx you



  4. Hello BDW Brides!!


    I am a newbie to this site and I am already grateful for finding it.


    My fiance and I got engaged on Labor Day weekend 2016, and since then it has been a roller coaster of emotions trying to decide a location.

    I am currently a full-time nursing student, and trying to accomplish both was driving me insane. So early on I found a wonderful TA and focused on school while she took the information we shared with her and did some research.


    Thank heavens she did, because the amount of time I spent staring at screens reading reviews, looking at photos, and messaging people that had vacationed in Mexico and the Caribbean was overwhelming. Finally, with our TA's amazing help, we narrowed it down to three and then pretty quickly to two.


    Now I am torn. With every good review, there is a negative one. Any time I think I find a flaw in one resort, the same flaw pops up in the other. Hyatt Ziva Cancun and Dreams Tulum are both gorgeous, yet quite different. Instead of asking myself which I love more I constantly wonder which one my guests will love more. Which one will have them walking away in awe of what they experienced. Now that I have the costs I still don't know what to do. So here i am, ready to read through as many forums as possible on these locations in hopes there is another bride out there that wants nearly the same things I do that is basically reading my mind and has made the decision first.

    Crazy??..yeah, I think so too.

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    Hello Azul Five BRIDES I'm getting married on May 1st 2017 at Azul Fives

    Let's share experiences

  5. Hello BDW dolls!

    We are having our wedding at the Azul Beach resort! I twas highly recommended, by our fantastic travel agent! If anyone wants their information, I;m happy yo share! I would love any feedback, suggestions, ideas, do-don'ts; or any direction from anyone who has had their wedding and or planning their wedding at this lovely resort! I look forward to planning via BDW and sharing and gathering information to make this even more of a dream come true! Also, I'm debating about photographers and outside DJ's. I'm almost 100% certain that we are obtaining an outside photographer, but I'm still debating on the DJ? Suggestions? Best


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    It is hard to believe that your long awaited wedding day is over and now you are looking forward to rewarding yourself with the perfect honeymoon. It was not easy to make the millions of choices about every detail of your wedding (cake, decorations, music, garments etc.) and you deserve a treat. Every couple is unique and you want your honeymoon to match your personalities. Are you wine appreciators, adventurous souls or beach lovers? Your head is spinning with all the options available. We have selected some interesting honeymoon destinations and hope that one of them will click with you.


    1. Punta Cana, The Dominican Republic

    It may be a classic option, but who says that classic is any less romantic! It is a top honeymoon destination for a reason. White sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, lush tropical flora and all inclusive resorts will help you relax and enjoy exclusive time together. If you would like to include some activities in your laid back vacation there are plenty of places for hiking, horse riding, zip lining and snorkeling in Punta Cana.

    Bonus: Many resorts offer special honeymoon prices.

    Take advantage of the gorgeous backdrop and book a photo session. You can make a fascinating coffee table photo book afterwards that will bring back good memories every time you show it to your guests. The professional photographer Denis Boyko (http://boykophotography.com) will help you to choose the right spot and make the process comfortable and fun.

    1. Chile

    Thanks to its unique geographical position Chile is a winemaker`s paradise. Famous Chilean vineyards scattered across the spectacular landscape would be the best honeymoon destination for wine lovers.

    Combine your wine indulging tour with a trip to colorful, chaotic Valparaiso with its art deco architecture and gourmet restaurants. Explore the driest place on earth, Atacama Desert, and the lush green Elqui Valley. Both are known for their crystal clear skies which make them a remarkable star gazing experience.

    1. Cappadocia

    Cappadocia`s captivating scenery and rich history promise to make your honeymoon unique. The result of natural phenomena and human influence in shaping the landscape over thousands of years is magical. There is no place even vaguely similar to it. Admire the range of shapes of the “fairy chimneys” tall rock formations, visit underground cities and splendid rock-cut churches and experience real cave living in one of Cappadocia`s cave hotels.

    1. Quebec Canada

    Want to add some French flair to your honeymoon without going to France? Choose budget friendly Quebec. Wander through its charming streets full of history and beautiful architecture, enjoy shopping, fine dining and nightlife. The city is famous for its many fortified walls, a river port with marine mammals, festivals and friendly people. Breathtaking Montmorency falls are another not to miss Quebec City attraction.

  6. You'll love your photos


    When you think of taking snapshots in the rain, put aside your visions of frizzing hair and stepping your peep-toes into puddles, and instead focus on the photo-op at hand. "Photos with umbrellas can be so cute that you might even wish for rain," says Samuels. "Multi-colored or completely clear, there's an artistic opportunity to take advantage of with rain." In fact, if you fear rain is in your forecast, "consider silk-screening the bridal party's names on the umbrellas so that the photo is even more cute," Samuels suggests.






    It'll make for a great story


    Wedding day disasters may not seem funny in the moment, but one day you'll love telling your children — or, heck, anyone who will listen — the epic story of how you battled a big storm on your wedding day to your grandchildren, Samuels says. "Everyone loves a good story, and if hurricane winds ripped your wedding arch down or a torrential downpour caused your updo to go south or makeup to melt, you can be the hero of the story that persevered and loved every moment of it, the good, the bad and the ugly."






    Your flowers could last longer


    You can't wait to see your centerpieces, only to find that when you've arrived to your tented reception, they've succumbed to the heat and wilted. But that won't happen on a rainy day, says Rhae Adams, owner and lead designer of Found in Nature in Kansas City. "Flowers are less likely to wilt in rainy conditions," she says. "Overcast skies, cooler temperatures and humidity all generally make flowers happier than sun, heat and dry air."






    Rain gives you an excuse to cuddle


    As Nicole Harris, co-founder of One Last Frog in Southern California, reminds us, "rain is romantic." Think of it this way: A light drizzle or a huge downpour will encourage you to cuddle close to your new spouse under the same umbrella — or find fun ways to warm one another up or dry one another off! Plus, Harris says, "the patter of the rain on umbrellas and the windows is the sweetest sound you'll hear, and is a sound that is associated with romance."






    You could see a rainbow


    What comes at the end of an awful storm? "If it rains and the rain stops, the perfect rainbow backdrop can be created," says Harris. And, she adds, "it's free of charge, thanks to mother nature." Who doesn't love free decor?






    You can say bye-bye to that stuffy nose


    If you suffer from seasonal allergies, the last thing you may want on your wedding day is hot, sunny skies — the perfect conditions to kick your allergies into high gear and turn your nose and eyes red, says Adams. "Rain reduces airborne pollen," she explains, "so if it's allergy season, you and your wedding party will feel better."






    It could be good luck


    Maybe in your mind, rain on your wedding day is the worst thing that can happen. A sign, if you will, that you have really bad luck. But, says Samuels, "in some cultures, rain on your wedding day is considered good luck, symbolizing fertility and cleansing. So whether you are superstitious or just prefer to look on the bright side, think of it this way: Who couldn't use a little good luck on their big day?"




    Source: BRIDES

    ©DreamArt Photography 2010 - 2016. All Rights Reserved

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    My fiancé and I recently booked the Majestic Elegance in Punta Cana for our wedding next December 2017.


    We are getting married at the gazebo on the beach and having our reception at the Steak House.


    If anyone could provide feedback on their experience at the Majestic Elegance it would be greatly appreciated as we are a little nervous on having a semi private dinner.


    Thank you!

  7. Imperial wedding in a royal state


    Imagine an artistic mandap at a magnificently decorated royal palace by the side of a pool and as you step outside the palace, you see splendour of eternally changing sand dunes as far as your eye can go. Rajasthan as the name goes is the land of royal kings and that is what makes it a perfect destination for those seeking an aristocratic wedding. We are presenting our 3 favourite locations in Rajasthan to get married:

    1. Udaipur: Rightly called as the most romantic city of India, this place is the most scenic destination for getting married. The beautiful lakes and palaces provide a perfect setting for an outdoor wedding. Book a location near a lake or at The City Palace Complex, this is the most affordable location in Rajasthan for a wedding.
    2. Jaisalmer: Known as the Golden City, Jaisalmer is a well-established place for weddings with heritage hotels and resorts. It lies in the middle of Thar desert, providing a picturesque wedding environment. Inculcate parts of Rajasthan culture such as the camel ride, Kalbelia dancers and authentic food to make fun-filled evening.
    3. Jaipur: Invite your guests to The Pink City and indulge in a luxurious wedding in a resort or a heritage hotel. You can get the benefits of best facilities and charm of royal heritage in this city. A perfect day time Mehandi by the pool side, a star studded Sangeet and a grand wedding- everything that you need for a dream wedding!

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    If anyone is planning or have already planned and held a wedding at Azul Beach in Riviera Maya please post here! I'm looking to have my wedding at this resort next year and needed a little advance or insight. Any information will be helpful. Thanks

  8. Tuscany has a timeless familiarity with its iconic architecture, gently rolling hills and sculptural cypress alleys. This region in central Italy is picture postcard material. Golden wheat fields, silver olive groves and pea-green vineyards, all of which, make for the perfect backdrop to a dream Wedding in Tuscany.


    From iconic Agriturismo, Grand Villa’s and Castles, Tuscany is packed full of wonderful historical wedding venues dotted across the region. Not to forget the world famous cuisine, and the wealth of locally produced wine. The combination of which, will leave any wedding guest feeling truly spoilt.


    Given the amount this region has to offer, Weddings in Tuscany can accommodate wedding parties and budgets of all shapes and sizes. From intimate elopements in characteristic towns such as Lucca, Florence and San Gimignano, to larger events in Villas across the region. Couples may also consider renting a typical Tuscan farmhouse for their Italian wedding reception, with the ceremony itself taking place in one of the many wonderful medieval town halls dotted across the region.


    In terms of budgeting for your Wedding in Tuscany, Villas and Castles have a rental fee and wedding receptions start from €100 per person, open bar and vat excluded. Agriturismo, which is a typical Tuscan farmhouse, do not require a rental fee, however, more often than not, you will be required to exclusively hire the venue including accommodation for a set number of nights. The number of nights varies according to the season and is usually between 3 nights, to 1 week in peak season.


    Some Tuscany Wedding Venues may allow you not to book all the rooms, but in this case, exclusivity on the wedding day is not guaranteed. Whether offered by an external caterer or by the venue itself, a Tuscany Wedding Reception will start from €90 per person, Inc. Buffet aperitif, a three course seated meal with wine and wedding cake.


    Rental fees are not necessary for a Tuscany Wedding reception in a Restaurant. Costs start from €70 per person.


    By Italian law music outdoor can be played up to midnight due to the proximity to residential areas, while indoor music can be played until later depending on the venue. However some venues are located remotely enough for you to be able to enjoy your outdoor celebrations until the early hours.


    With your guests in mind, Tuscany is well served by two International airports (Pisa & Florence), and is easily reached by road and rail. Guest activities can also include wine tasting, trips to iconic towns and guided tours of well-known art galleries and historical sites. More than likely, your guests will simply be happy to enjoy the wonderful panorama by the poolside of one of our many iconic Tuscany Wedding Venues.

    In terms of styling, a Wedding in Tuscany is not necessarily synonymous with rustic charm. Regardless of the venue chosen, as Italian Wedding Planners, we will suggest the best suppliers to create your ideal setting and decorations.


    If you are considering a Wedding in Italy and would like to speak with one of our professional Wedding Planners, please contact us directly.


    Alice Guarnaschelli - Italian Style Weddings

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    HI there,

    I'm going to start by telling my little story!

    I'm Jaime, 29, from a little town in the UK called grimsby. Me and my partner gaz, have been together almost 5 years. I have a 7 year old daughter from a previous relationship, we are one very happy disfunctional little family, who's normal these days right?


    So, in January we decided to get married, I didnt get the big proposal, no ring, but don't feel sorry for me, this is typical gaz (we couldn't even stand each other when we met) we had already decided to have a 'big holiday' for 2017, looking at various places in the caribbean Cuba, Dominican etc. I think his exact words were "stuff it let's get married on holiday" so we went with Mexico booked it the following week and supprised everyone.


    We now have 13 guests, and us 3. So after reading everyone else's reviews (I haven't read one with such small numbers yet) I'm not sure what to do for the reception but I'm pretty laid back and I'm sure it will be perfect. We have decided to have the ceremony under the gazebo at tullum this was a deal breaker for me, this is what sold the hotel I just thought it look so beautiful. The ceremony will take place at 2 although I am considering putting it later like 4? (Any ideas and help appreciated there)


    So far at home preperation is right on target, I picked my dream dress in April! It was a total no brainer l. My best friend had gone to our local wedding fair and rings me up saying she's seen my wedding dress!! I'm completely confused I hadn't even tried any on! So me and my mum head down there and oh my gosh it's perfect and also completely out of budget of course! A few weeks later I head to a bridal outlet trying to keep the buget tight try on about 15 dresses and hate every single one!! I left feeling deviated not one of the suited me! My mum books an appointment for me to try this dress on and when I walked out of the fitting room we both cried and the price no longer mattered it's like this dress was made just for me.


    Anyway we have booked through Thomas Cook so any brides out there that have either been or going I'll love to hear your stories!! Xx

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    Planning your wedding made easy in the Caribbean.









    Dreamy Weddings and Tours Inc. has been in the wedding planning industry since the early 2000's and offer their wedding planning expertise throughout different islands in the Caribbean. (St.Kitts, Nevis, Jamaica, St.Lucia, Antigua, Barbados, Aruba, Belize, Anguilla, Puerto Rico, Dominica, Grenada)


    I am certain that many couples dream of a destination wedding but they have no idea how to organize this event from miles away or how to even begin the arrangements for a legally binding wedding.


    That's where the Dreamy Team comes in, whether you're visiting via cruise or flying in for a few days, we will support you with planning and organizing your wedding and we guarantee a stress-free day to make sure it is everything you ever dreamed of.


    You are assigned a wedding planner who takes care of the application process for your legal wedding and an on island wedding planner who coordinates the full event from beginning to end, so you have hassle free day that you can enjoy fully.


    Say " I do", on golden sand beaches, historic sites, lush green gardens or tropical waterfalls as we have a variety of venues to choose from on each island. The best thing about our wedding planning service is that we become your eyes and ears, and with our selection of handpicked, professional vendors we offer nothing but the best.


    We pay close attention to detail and our priority is bringing your vision to a reality and if you are uncertain what you want your magical day to entail, we have wedding packages available that can be customized and we are also very happy to provide you with inspiration.




    Adam Xiaopei Wedding Barbados 0002

    Website photos (2)




    We can give you some initial tips and suggestions or contact us for a free consultation.


    At customerservice@dreamyweddings.com or http://www.dreamyweddings.com/enquires




    Feel free to leave your comments below and like/follow us on the social media. :D


    Facebook: www.facebook.com/dreamyweddings

    Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/dreamyweddingss/

    Instagram: http://instagram.com/dreamyweddingsskb

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/DreamyWeddingSK

    Website: http://www.dreamyweddings.com/

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    I am getting married at Azul Sensatori Riviera Maya in October and the reception is at Palapa Yoga. Reception is 6-10pm. I know the sun will go down about 6:30 so we are left eating in the dark if I don't figure out clever ways to light up the place. The Palapa Yoga will be used as the dancefloor and that will be lit up but what about the tables out in the sand? Will candles on the table be enough? I see white uplights are available to go under the tables but not sure if will shine thru their linen tablecloths enough to make it worth it. Maybe string lights overhead? I'll have 9 tables so will need quite a few strands and those are terribly expensive thru the resort. Any other ideas are much appreciated!

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    For all you brides who got married at the end of April in Dominican Republic!

    We are currently looking to get married in La Romana April 21-28, 2017.

    Can anyone tell me what we can expect for weather this time of year?

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    Good Morning Ladies!


    I am a newbie to this site and also to blogging!


    I know I am not the only one when I say that I have spent the last couple of week reading through thousands of reviews and looking at hundreds of resort and wedding pictures in order to help us find the right wedding resort for us.

    My Fiance and I finally decided on the Ocean Coral and Turquesa for our May 2016 wedding. :wub:


    I was hoping some of you out there had some updated information and costs from this resort. I know this is their busy time of the year and I don't expect to hear to much from them until at least June :unsure: which sucks... but is ok.


    Here is what our plans are:

    • 5pm ceremony
    • 6 pm cocktail and hors d'oeuvres
    • 7:30 dinner ( at La petite Creperie)
    • Party and dance until 1AM ( I called and confirmed that this is the latest the party can go)


    Do any upcoming or past brides have any words of wisdom for me to go on!

    anything and everything is appreciated!

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    My fiance asked me to marry him on his birthday, January 15, 2016. Hands down, the best surprise I have ever experienced. We have been together for about 4 1/2 year (we have a 3 year old son) and have always talked about having a beach wedding.


    Almost immediately after he slipped the ring on my finger, I started googling destination weddings. I have always wanted to visit Jamaica, so what would be better than making my first visit, MY WEDDING?


    I googled best places to get married in Jamaica and found an article that detailed about 12 resorts. Iberstar Rose Hall Suites was #7 on that list but after visiting a dozen websites, I kept going back to the Iberostar wesite. We chose the Suites because they are kid friendly and it is very important to us that our son be apart of our day and that he can also have some fun while we are there since we won't have a summer vacation in preparation for the wedding.


    We are currently working our travel agent to get everyone who has RSVP's booked. I think we are up to about 20 guests right now which is such an amazing thing to me. I am honored that our friends and family are willing to use their time and resources to enjoy our day with us.


    We have sent electronic save-the-dates using greenvelope.com. They were a big hit, easy to design, and cost effective. I will be attaching some screenshots of them.


    This process is time consuming but I am enjoying planning!


  9. Hello Everyone!

    My husband and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary next year by renewing our vows and having another celebration at Secrets St. James in Montego Bay, Jamaica! The resort looks beautiful and the reviews are wonderful but the actual section for weddings leaves a lot to be desired. We are looking at October of 2017 and I plan to send save the dates out soon to give family and friends over a year to plan, budget, and get ready!


    I have a few questions


    1- If a deposit is required, did you include this information on the save-the dates? I will email my travel agent to inquire but I wondered if anyone had any tips!


    2- Can I get married on the actual beach? I see the Gazebos but I was looking forward to getting married on the actual water.

    3- Does anyone have any pictures to share of their experience?


    I am really excited and I look forward to this experience :)

  10. Brides: Please BEWARE of this business!! Using their services was the worst decision I made when planning my wedding. Very long and anxiety-provoking story short: three months before my wedding -after all my guests had booked rooms - I discovered that they were being charged anywhere from $700-$1400 more for their rooms than they could find online. At the last minute I had to cancel most of the reservations and rebook. They refused to allow me to cancel reservations for those guests who did not purchase travel insurance, despite the extreme savings to my guests. They additionally refused to refund the travel insurance for those who cancelled. They continually lied about rates and services and made myriad mistakes with my bookings. The time, money and anxiety wasted dealing with this company could have been much better spent in a number of ways for my wedding. Unless you want your guests to pay twice what they should be paying to attend your wedding, please find another company! I spent days cleaning up this mess and my guests sadly spent WAY too much money.

  11. Hi everyone:


    So I've been planning in a vacuum and with my wedding a little more than two months away and the small things needing attention, I'm starting to feel the little bit of panic building.


    80 GUESTS and counting! I had a destination wedding to reduce my numbers. Didn't work too well huh?


    I'm having the wedding at Moon Palace Cancun and so far I don't have any major complaints. My offsite coordinator Lizet has been an absolute doll! :DI had heard that people wouldn't hear from their coordinator until much later but Lizet was in contact with me with less than a month after we had the date confirmed. I know I can be an absolute pain with all the emails but she has dutifully answered them in a relatively quick manner (1-3 days average).


    We have the ceremony at the Bugambilias gazebo, with the Tuscan terrace for the cocktails and we move inside for the reception.


    I have the majority of my vendors lined up:


    Décor: Gama


    Flowers: Hotel


    Cake: Hotel


    Photography: Friend of future hubby is coming down as a guest to do our lovely pics


    Videography: AmorAmor Weddings (outside vendor - their work looks absolutely amazing!


    Music: PSAV (though I also have DiscoMovil on contract because of the great reviews that I have read. But when I told PSAV the price I was getting including the vendor fee was cheaper than what they had, they not only matched it but gave me a $200 discount for an incentive. The only reason I still have DiscoMovil is because I am concerned about the music. I work in the music industry hence why I'm being so picky).




    In the air


    Makeup: I am an Black bride so I am very concerned about what my hair and makeup will look like. Especially since I am a natural hair bride. I'm on the fence about working with MVP hair and beauty. ANY HELP IN WITH THIS?



    What I'm not particular happy about:


    Travel agent: L and S Vacations. Just venting here. We met Lindsay at a wedding expo here in NYC. And in the beginning it worked well with choosing our hotel and putting down our deposits. She also fits the bill on our save the dates and send them out. But here's where the trouble started.


    We decided to do magnets for our save the date. At least 20% of our guests never received them. Could it have been that the magnets got stuck somewhere? Shouldn't there have additional paper inside of the envelope to make that it didn't happen? I don't know because no return address were ever put on the envelopes. So if it was a matter of a wrong address, we didn't know. Which meant that I had purchase additional save the dates and send them out. All of mine made it to the intended person. *shrugs* <_<


    When the time came for the guests to begin to make the travel arrangements, it felt like I didn't have a travel agent. Because however many times you called, the phone was never picked up. NEVER. I had multitudes of guests complaining that they couldn't get through to make their room reservations. And of course it was the last few days to book and it was a panic. I was having mini heart attacks for days, trying to make sure the MVPs were getting what they needed, diverting them to emails to contact Lindsay. And to make matters worse, she was out of the country and took on more work than she could have handled (5-6 other weddings that had the SAME deadline that we had). The month of October was exhausting - from people complaining about prices, to rooms to never-ending questions that should have been answered by L and S Vacations.


    Then it became an issue about changing names on the rooms. Even though each invoice/contract stated that we had 91 prior to the wedding make changes, she shot them down saying it wasn't possible to change; that if they needed a room they would have to book an entirely new room without the savings we had before. I'm a lawyer so I went to town on it and got her to read her own contract. Finally she apologized and made the changes.


    If I knew what I know now, I would have just worked with the hotel myself. They have been very attentive and I really don't need L and S Vacations for anything else. The only upside was the payment plan that guest could do but...sigh. I wonder if it was worth a lot of aggravations. :angry:


    Sigh. Anyway I'm sure I'll be back to lament about my peacock theme, my 14 member wedding party and the drama to come.




    Stay strong ladies,

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    I saw a lot of comments about MarWeddings, but I wasn't able to review them in the "Vendor Reviews" tab, so hopefully this will show up for anyone interested!


    The only reason I was able to enjoy my wedding day so much was because of Gaby and the MarWeddings team. They organized and decorated flawlessly. Gaby was so professional, but also so warm, friendly, and helpful- it took so much pressure off of me and my wedding party. She stepped back to let us enjoy the evening, but gave us a tap on the shoulder during the appropriate times for the wedding introductions, speeches, first dances, etc. (now back to the beginning stages of the planning process).


    I had reached out to 5 or 6 wedding planners in the Puerto Vallarta area to get an idea of what I wanted, pricing, and figure out if I liked the person I was going to be talking to over the next 9 months. From the minute I talked to Gaby from MarWeddings, I was at ease. I wanted to confirm and get a contract in place asap so no one else could reserve our date, but she assured me the date was reserved and wouldn't send across a contract until she had a full understanding of what I wanted for the big day, and I had an understanding of what Mar Weddings could provide, and we had agreed on a detailed budget that she put together, which included venue (Sandzibar Beachfront Restaurant), DJ, dance floor, lighting, flowers, photographer (Joann Arruda), hotel (our only frustration, but not because of MarWeddings), salon appointments (Paloma Garcia), church (La Cruz de Huanacaxtle), transportation, etc.


    I don't live in Mexico, and I wasn't able to visit Puerto Vallarta (actually, our wedding was in Nuevo Vallarta) before the big day, but MarWeddings did an AMAZING job of staying in touch, checking in, sending regular updates, and giving advice. I shared a pintrest board of what I was interested in, and she was able to sift through it and figure out how to make everything look great in real life, while respecting our wedding budget. They are the professionals, and I appreciated every piece of advice Gaby gave me (from adding a little bit of color to our tables with blue napkins, to NOT sending out our contact number in Mexico to our 130 guests the week of the wedding for questions). Gaby was able to send samples of various photographers, videographers, and several options of decor and style for the big day. Gaby was able to reserve the date ($ time) and follow up with the church to make sure they received all of our documents.


    Once we got to Puerto Vallarta, the team received us flawlessly. Gaby set up a nail appointment, dance lesson, food tasting, and church visit with some of the team (Miroslava, Juan, and Guillermo). It was such a fun way to get ready for the wedding, and I was able to give them the wedding favors and some stuff I got for the big day. The team is amazing, and I instantly loved all of them. My husband and I decided we wanted to extend the timing of the wedding to 2am (only 4 days before the wedding), and Gaby and the MarWeddings team were SO flexible and were able to quickly send the price update and accommodate our request.


    On the day of the wedding everything was PERFECT. After my hair and makeup appointment, we had about an hour to get ready at our hotel, where I was able to relax with the wedding party, have a glass of champagne, and put on my dress. The car to take us to the church was right on time and when we arrived, our guests had started sitting down in the church. After the ceremony, we spent some time with our photographer (Joann Arruda), when we got to the reception everyone was already having a great time- the DJ adjusted the music because our guests were ready to dance (I appreciated the flexibility).


    The reception was GORGEOUS. I had seen the venue at the food tasting, but the way Mar Weddings decorated was breathtaking. The string lights over the dance floor were amazing, the tables were simple and elegant, and the decorations were better than I imagined. We had a very multi-cultural wedding, and Mar Weddings was able to help balance that at the reception. Honestly, I can't believe how perfectly everything went- she reserved the church for a 3:30pm ceremony, so that we would get to the beach reception around 5:00/5:30 just in time to have a few drinks and enjoy the sunset on the beach.


    My husband and family agree that getting the wedding planner was the best money we spent on the wedding. Everyone (including myself) was able to enjoy the celebration in such a beautiful location and I really can't thank MarWeddings enough.


    Sophia Z


    Please note: I've published similar reviews on a few different websites because when I was searching for a wedding planner online it was difficult to find the information I needed, but this is the most comprehensive review I've published for MarWeddings. Feel free to email me questions at zpwedding2016@gmail.com (this was our wedding email address)