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del Sol Photography slideshows of Resorts in the Riviera Maya 10 Million + photos

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#51 vero319

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    Posted 26 May 2009 - 03:09 PM

    You guys are soooo good! I love your photography! I would love to be able to work with you guys on my wedding day!

    #52 dinogomez.com

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      Posted 26 May 2009 - 03:18 PM

      I agree, they are great!!

      #53 Matt Adcock

      Matt Adcock

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        Posted 26 May 2009 - 06:54 PM

        Originally Posted by jennie.lewis
        Hi, I love your work and am also looking at Karisma resorts but noticed that you stopped taking reservations in April 08. Do you mind me asking why? I'm trying to decide between one of the Karism resorts and the Valetin Imperial and would like your input. :-)`1
        It all boiled down to political indifference regarding the outrageous fee structure for our brides to hire outside photographers to work on their property.

        Sorry about that, but we will not be going back unless they change their policies about outside vendors and their list of approved photographers.

        We just shot this one at Valentin a few weeks ago: Valentin Maya del Sol Wedding
        This is a cool hotel, its got a great beach ceremony spot that is accessed by a nature trail. There is a hill that allows for great shooting angles and overall, we really liked working there.

        Thanks for the nice words amigos :) We feel very lucky to be living our dream job and love the creative freedom that our clients give us! Cloud 9!
        Cheers & thanks for the nice comments.

        PS. www.delsolphotography.com/blog is now LIVE. We are still updating content and editing the blog's structure, so be aware its a work in progress. Also we are working on a big VENDOR section that will be a huge planning resource for any bride looking for ideas for their wedding.
        We have been SO SO SO busy over the last 12 months, we pretty much stopped blogging and started developing the new blog. This means we are going to be doing LOTS OF retroactive posting... new content is arriving all the time :) For those of you who want to see what we are up to, please check out.


        #54 dear tulip

        dear tulip
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          Posted 26 May 2009 - 07:41 PM

          Thank you so much for the photos Matt! I hope I had seen your work earlier. I'm getting married in Casa Magna Marriott, and your photos just get me more impatient! =)

          Would it get too windy to wear a long veil (abt 4m) for a ceremony starting at 5pm?

          #55 JoLo908

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            Posted 26 May 2009 - 07:55 PM

            Thank you for this! I love looking at all of the pictures!!

            #56 Matt Adcock

            Matt Adcock

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              Posted 01 June 2009 - 10:54 AM

              Originally Posted by dear tulip
              Thank you so much for the photos Matt! I hope I had seen your work earlier. I'm getting married in Casa Magna Marriott, and your photos just get me more impatient! =)

              Would it get too windy to wear a long veil (abt 4m) for a ceremony starting at 5pm?
              Thanks for the nice comments :) We really love our job!

              Here is the thing about Veil's. We LOVE LOVE LOVE to see them flying in the wind. I think any bride can possibly dream about seeing a photo of themselves with a veil flying.

              But in your case, let me get the facts right...A 4 meter veil, really? 12 feet long? I honestly do think there is a time and place for everything but you may run into trouble here with that length. Its also a concrete walk up to the Casa Magna ceremony site, If I remember correctly. It may snag. I think I remember a big veil there in the past though. Its totally up to you!

              Here is my other "veil" advice. Too often, we see bridesmaids think they are coming to the rescue by holding the veil or tucking it into the back of a dress, all during the actual ceremony. We say let it fly, more chances for cool photos that way. This wedding had some great veil flying shots. In this wedding , the bride's sister was holding the veil.... something we really dont like to see because I honestly think it prevents us from getting shots that really tell the story (i got married and it was windy) an important element to put together the details of the wedding day. The ONLY thing I was amazed by and probably the only time I've seen a bridesmaid holding a veil that I liked...she was crying like MAD... and if you look at frame 67, 69. then in frame # 72, she is wiping tears with the veil....LOVE THAT :)

              Otherwise, please tell your bridesmaids to not hold the veil, even though it may seem annoying with the wind. Free the veil :)

              --our 2 cents worth on the subject... PS, here is our Casa Magana Marriott Slideshow, if you havent seen it... OH, I wanted to add that Frank, the manager in charge of events is in photo #15. He is a SUPER guy and will likely be who you are dealing with while planning your wedding.

              #57 shamrock78

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                Posted 01 June 2009 - 03:24 PM

                Thanks for the new slideshow at the Valentin. Can't wait to see you there next February!!

                Nicole Shamrock

                #58 Gail

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                  Posted 27 June 2009 - 02:06 PM

                  hi all,

                  i just have to say how amazing these guys are. vincent shot our wedding and we did a ttd with matt. words can not express how truely amazing they are to work with. we had so many compli with our wedding swine flu 'crap" , our resort closing... they were the only part that was stress free. so professional..always a timely respone to e mail. and on the day of our wedding i had no worries ... we have a 4 y/o neice who sometimes puts her head down when i talk to her and vincent basicly "had her at hello". she then had her own photo shoot! so many guests commented on him and keep in mind no one has even seen any pics yet. they were truely impressed. we even had a professional photogr in group! (which we insisted came only as our guest, due to we feel he never gets to enjoy when friends get married because he is always asked to shoot it).

                  For the ttd- we had a blast. again without even seeing photos we know they will be amazing.

                  I also had the pleasure of sol's sister doing my make up for ttd. she is beautiful just like Sol. She was great to work with and did a FAB job. As Matt can tell you the water was rough that day and beat us up... i rubbed my eyes so many times... my make-up looked like she just put it on even when we were finished. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

                  Having them be a part of our wedding was the best decision we made and the ONE thing we would never change. the resort and everything else except for our family and friends being there i could change but NOT DEL SOL
                  Pro wedding pic slide show


                  #59 Lady_Di

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                    Posted 22 July 2009 - 01:24 PM

                    This definitely helps me to narrow down to resorts that allow outside photographers!

                    Matt & Sol,

                    Could you recommend a resort in Riviera Maya that allows you to take breathtaking pictures of the beach wedding? I really want to have photos where the water just is absoultely gorgeous!

                    Thank you!

                    #60 Gail

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                      Posted 29 July 2009 - 12:21 AM

                      Received slide show for anyone who would like to take a peak, TTD soon to come!

                      6.11.09 Cary and Gail | Iberostar del Mar | Photos by Vincent
                      Pro wedding pic slide show


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