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Destination Wedding Hair, Makeup & Favors Reviews

Stunning hair and makeup!

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Sara Tamargo Makeup Artistry

Sara Tamargo Makeup Artistry

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Pros: great communication, works fast, professional, personable

Cons: --


After a lot of research and looking at several different vendors, I ended up choosing Sara Tamargo (https://www.facebook...raTamargoMakeup) to do my hair & makeup for the wedding.  I loved her style and her before/afters were great!


Sara was very prompt to respond to my emails, and gave me a great vibe even over the internet with a warm, bubbly personality.  She was very professional but made it very personable.  I shared my hair/makeup inspiration pictures with her, and she gave her suggestions.




Before/After (I know this is what you want to see, haha!):

This before/after is actually from the trial - wedding day was so hectic i don't have any photos outside of the cellphone before/afters Sara took (maybe the photographer Samuel Luna got some?) which definitely don't do it justice.







I have broad shoulders and always wear my hair down in semi or formal settings, so I was hoping to have my hair as long as possible.  However, by the water, it is WINDY (one of the reasons I went with a comb instead of veil) so I needed to have some sort of taming of my hair.  Sara was very consultative, and we went with a style that, coupled with my dress, had a very Grecian feel to it, which worked really well for a beach wedding!


My hair inspiration collage:

Hair Inspiration - Side Down
With Sara's input, we went with this style, due to the wind:
hair inspiration





I chose to  do airbrush, and I'm so glad I did!  My sister told me I looked like a china doll, my skin looked porcelain and it stayed all night!  Due to my eyelash extensions, I didn't scrub much at it that night, and for the wedding, Sara actually had to remove more.


My makeup inspiration:

makeup inspiration






I had Sara and her hair assistant Abigail do a hair & makeup trial the day before, and it was amazing!  I asked them to arrive at 3pm, and they were actually early so I had to rush to my mom's room (she had the adults only nicer room, so I wanted to get ready in there, without my kids).  We went over the pictures again, and decided on a hairstyle & makeup style.  


I had a HALO hair extension, which wasn't an exact match to my haircolor because they don't take color well.  However, I had considered doing an ombre effect, and with it braided in, it almost looked like I had a slight ombre!  For the trial, the extension wasn't secure enough, so my hair fell down throughout the night.  



Wedding Day:

The only changes I made to what was done in the trial was no waterline eyeliner (it smudges), more secure hair extension anchoring and a little less eyebrows haha.  It was beautiful, but a little more Mexican style than American/what I usually do (actually, I never do much to my eyebrows because they are pretty shapely naturally and I don't darken them).


Facebook has gotten creepy with "helping" you tag, and in many photos, it didn't even suggest me as a tag!  I felt gorgeous and glamourous, which was exactly what I wanted for my wedding day!  I still look like me, but a much more beautiful me!  My groom cried, so goal accomplished!


Some guest shots where you can see my hair/makeup:


immediate family.jpg
bride family parents.jpg




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posted on 1-31-2017, 8:47 PM by ClaudiaLee

Great. Thanks for sharing.

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