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Del Sol Photography

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5 Star Rating 93%
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5.0 Star Rating


5.0 Star Rating
5 Star Rating (Rated 4.93 stars with 134 reviews) 55134
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Member Reviews

  • anncnguyen member avatar

    The B-E-S-T of the Best.


    By: anncnguyen · 1 Comments

    Here's the thing, Del Sol Photography is rated as one of the top worldwide photographers for a reason. They know what they are doing, they've been doing it for a long time, and they are incredibly good at it. Their photographers create art, they capture emotion, they see beauty in unexpected places, they know it's all about the details, and their images are simply stunning. But it's not just that, the team is great to work with: Ael, the sales manager always is quick to respond and very helpful with any questions you have. The entire production team with their smiles and their snacks and their willingness to make you feel comfortable and taken care of. Matt Adock who is crazy-cool and always able to make you laugh...and then there is Sol she's the queen, the heart, the essence of Del Sol (it's in the name, duh!) she has the superhero power to make you feel like you are gorgeous and worth a million bucks.  They are amazing and you'd be lucky to have them capture your wedding day/TTD. Why leave such an important day up to anyone except the professionals? Still have doubts? Just look at some of their work...I mean, come on. That alone speaks for itself. ” (read more)

  • wensantaolaya member avatar

    Recalling dreams come true


    By: WenSantaolaya · 4 Comments

    One of the happiest moments of our lives undoubtedly is the day of your wedding. A few months ago Sol gave us the honor of being present at our wedding engagement. When we organize the wedding she definitely wanted recorded those moments, our happiness, love, happiness of our families to see us so happy.Sol gets on each picture that emotion again live in love and remember what you were happy.Thank you very much for Sol, Andi and Daniela for that moment thanks to their images remains with the same emotion in our mind. But most of all thank my accomplice adventures, dreams, sleeplessness, dancing and transformation. Leo Partido Priego     ” (read more)

  • racerbride member avatar

    Wish I Liked Them More....


    By: RacerBride · 2 Comments

    I'm writing this after reading Panamonvie's review. I hired Del Sol for my wedding in May 2014. I received my pictures around July and was so upset with them that I just looked at them again for the second time last week.  I have yet to share them any with anyone. I didn't write a review because I didn't want to be the outlier who didn't love their photography--I figured it was just me so no need to comment, but knowing there was another disappointed bride, disapointed for all the same reasons, reminds me why reviews are important. My main gripe about my wedding pictures is that there is not one, Not.A.Single.Picture of the posed bride looking at the camera, smiling. In fact, there is only one full-length picture of the bride, and I'm staring out the window. So, of about 550 pictures, there is one picture of just me where you can see my dress, but I'm looking out the window. Thanks to MVP Makeup, I looked beautiful, I felt beautiful. I loved my hair, my makeup, my dress--it was honestly the most beautiful I ever felt in my life. You would never know that from the pictures.” (read more)

  • scheila member avatar



    By: Scheila · 1 Comments

    I already thanked the team Del Sol. Now I want to share my experience with brides who are considering hiring these photographers. I know that for us brides who are not Mexico is very difficult to choose a good professional, we do not know for sure local customs. Good and bad professionals exist throughout the world. I was very lucky to have chosen Jorge and Melissa. I am deeply grateful! The photos were spectacular! But all the staff is excellent. Their service, from contract signing to delivery of the pendrive is amazing, exceeds expectations. They were attentive, professional, caring and capricious to the smallest detail! For the service to be good, not enough to have good photographers, you need customer service, be patient with anxious and insecure brides, seriousness, punctuality, organization and of course love. Finally, the Del Sol team unites good quality of service and love for what you do! I recommend, if someone wants to ask a question for facebook (Scheila Schonardie) can do (my English is not very good, but I think we can communicate). Do not save on registering your unique moment. After all, besides the memories in your head, artistic photos will be what will you a...” (read more)

  • erinlynjosephian member avatar

    A dream come true!


    By: ErinLynJosephian · 1 Comments

    Pros: Great communication, awesome staff, artistic images, amazing time!

    Cons: this shouldn't even be an option, there is no cons!

    Several years ago I decided to become a professional photographer in my hometown in Pennsylvania. I personally need to credit that accomplishment to Del Sol Photography. I was sitting in class one day, exploring my hobby of photography at the time looking for some sort of inspiration. I eventually googled Trash the Dress Photography. I saw many images; wedding dresses being dragged though mud, paint smeared dresses, even wedding gowns set on fire, but there was one image that stuck out to me. It was a bride who was merged under the water in her gown. I was mesmerized by this and traced the image back to Del Sol Photography. From there on out I was set in my ways that I was going to have trash the dress photos taken by Del Sol. Whoever married me was in for a surprise.   Shortly after our engagement I reminded my now husband of this passion I had of how we are getting trash the dress photos taken meaning we are honeymooning in Mexico. I contacted Del Sol, who was quick to respond to all my questions and needs and we booked our session right away! I was so excited!!  The day of our session seems like a dream, because as you can imagine, being a photographer and...” (read more)

  • penamonvie member avatar

    Wanted to love..but feeling disappointed


    By: penamonvie · 3 Comments

    Its been more than 2 months since receiving the photos and whenever I look through them, I can't help but feel disappointed and wishing I went with a different photographer. Here is the breakdown of the pros and cons Pros:Communication: 5 starsExcellent, super nice and response to all emails and questions. I was hesitant before the wedding and they called me right away in response to an email I send with some questions as to shot list and number of photos that I will receive. Artistry: 4 StarsThey take beautiful photos, it is vibrant, vivid and stunning.  Cons:At the end of the day, we as brides want to hire an awesome wedding photographer to capture all the details and moments that you want to on photo. Although the photos are vibrant and beautiful and artistic, but the basic wedding photography part fell short.  It was not as breathtaking as the hype, and maybe that is my fault. I poured through their website before the wedding and feels that mine wedding falls short. In comparison, we took honeymoon photos in Santorini with a locally based photographer and the 1 hour spend with her delivered more stunning photos than the 6 hour spend for the wedding f...” (read more)

  • njbride2014 member avatar

    Amazing Photos and Great Photographers!!


    By: NJBride2014 · 2 Comments

    Pros: Great Communication, Very Artistic, Fun to work with

    Cons: None

    We were lucky enough to have Del Sol shoot both our engagement photos and our wedding.  For our engagement we had Juan and Jorge and they were both great and super creative with their shots.  We loved our photos so much we just knew we had to have them for our wedding.  For our September wedding at Le Blanc Spa Resort we had Melissa and Marina and they were awesome.  They are truly hard workers and are like ninjas lol I couldn't believe all they great shots they got with just the two of them.  Their photos are a work of art and we get nothing but compliments all time. They had a great attitude and were fun throughout the whole day and it was a stressful day and they knew how to keep it light and fun.  We LOVE all our photos and just wish we could have had them the whole night so they could have photographed the last hour of the reception.  They are pricey but worth every penny.  I was really bummed that we couldn't fit them in our budget for a TTD session but hey we could always do an anniversary session. lol Thank you again Del Sol photography we will forever have the most beautiful photos to relive such an amazing day!!   Here...” (read more)

  • massem member avatar

    Amazing Experience


    By: massem · 1 Comments

    Pros: Everything

    Cons: Not one thing

    My husband and I first heard of Del Sol shortly after we decided to get married in Mexico from an acquaintance that had also had photos done by Del Sol.  The moment she shared her slideshow with us we knew we would HAVE to do that.  We had never seen photos like that.  It was one of the first and easiest decisions we made.  I spent hours on their website in absolute AWE of the photos.  Sol and her team did not disappoint.  The picked us up early at our resort and we headed to our first location.  I can't say enough about the whole day, it's like a dream!  Don't get me wrong, it is hard work, but also so amazing.  The team was fun, we were constantly laughing and immediately felt comfortable with them.  Sol is an absolute genius and her passion was contagious.  She directed us around and would get all excited which would feed to us.  Aquaman, was also fantastic, he seemed to be able to read Sol's mind and always made sure I was alright in the deep water and would give encouraging words.  I can't say enough about the day.  THEN there are the absolutely breathtaking photos.  Wow, they are something else....” (read more)

  • atoft member avatar

    Our family can't stop raving over the Del Sol photos!


    By: atoft · 1 Comments

    Pros: the team, the memories, the unique images

    Cons: that it is too hard to pick which ones are going in the album and on our walls! The photos are just brilliant.

    We set-up the underwater trash the dress session with Del Sol the day after we confirmed our wedding date at our resort.  That is how much we knew we wanted to have this studio take our TTD pictures in March 2014.  And we weren't disappointed in the least. We had a gorgeous day at the Cenote & beach with Debora and her team.  We learned the difference between the black (don't touch!) and white (touch!) trees during our jungle trek. We experienced the seasoning salt on pineapple, which we now have in our cabinet at home. And when it was time to go in the water, they were very patient with helping us acclimate to posing underwater and made us laugh the entire time.   We knew the photos would be amazing, but we so surprised at just how fabulous they turned out. The clarity of the water, the abundance of the fish, the amazing light that was captured. Debora was just in the right spot each time to get the right image.  When we received the sneak peek images that they so kindly prepared for us to show at our at-home reception we were in awe.  Our family & friends didn't quite believe that I was underwater in my wedding dress and ask...” (read more)

  • jbascetta209 member avatar

    The Best Decision We Made!


    By: jbascetta209 · 2 Comments

    Pros: they care...TRULY!!

    Cons: nothing!

    We were looking to capture moments in our wedding, not just images. Debora and Diego were AMAZING! Our wedding ceremony and reception was at Xcaret... a truly magical place and a "once in a lifetime" experience for us and our guests. Even our guests said, "Your wedding was the most beautiful I've ever been to... and your photographers! OMG!" ... And they hadn't even seen the pictures yet! Debora was truly a wonderful and talented woman, and went out of her way for us to make us comfortable. We wanted these photos to be spectacular, however, we are not supermodels and have never taken ourselves very seriously. Debora and crew had a way of bringing it out of us, and the results were truly beautiful. (Totally nothing to do with the photos, but this just stood out to me more than anything).. we have a 3yr old son who has a sensitivity to dairy. We asked Debora where we could get some organic almond or coconut milk (not the kind you make piña coladas with...cuz they had that at the hotel lol). She let us know of a store nearby that should have it, but the next morning, she had come and left three different varieties of milks at our hotel's front desk...(and a couple chocolates for us...” (read more)

  • jessica-kazn member avatar

    Obsessed with Del Sol


    By: Jessica Kazn · 2 Comments

    Pros: Artistic, Professional, amazing

    Cons: Nothing!

    I am obsessed with Del Sol and their work. I just receieved some of my pictures from my wedding at the Paradisus Playa del Carmen La Perla and I cannot wait to see more. They are great to work with. Del Sol is very professional and know how to take the best pictures. I found them online while searching for a photographer for my destination wedding. They are worth every penny we spent. Ael is sooo helpful. All my questions and concerns were answered almost immediatly. Every time I had was worried about something Ael reassured me that everything was going to be great and it was. I am SO happy I chose Del Sol. I am so excited to see all my pictures I know they will be perfect!!!!!!!!!” (read more)

  • milla83 member avatar

    With out Art the world is just Eh....


    By: Milla83 · 1 Comments

    Pros: Everything about del sol is amazing

    Cons: Wish I could take them home with me

    AIf I could describe del sol in one word it's Art !! Because everything they do is just that. They are amazing and capture such beauty through pictures, I honestly could have not asked for a better photographer and team . Melissa and Ashley did an amazing job capturing my wedding day , I felt like they were family. They made us feel so comfortable as they took pictures , they also work as a great team and I love how they separated and ashley was with my husband while Melissa took pictures of me getting ready. It's like they told a story of Us through pictures and I couldn't have asked for anything better. If you are looking for a photographer that makes you feel like family and can capture every small detail of your big day then I say book them now !! They really are worth every penny.” (read more)

  • shannons member avatar

    Amazing experience!!


    By: ShannonS · 1 Comments

    Pros: Finished product, customer service, little touches

    Cons: can be challenging to pay from Canadian banks but that's all I can come up with!

    Where to start?   From the moment I first contacted them to discuss availability, price, etc, I was blown away by their professionalism and desire to make sure you get the best photos possible.  From their initial questionnaire to give you the most appropriate quote all the way to the very end when they ship you your long awaited USB key in its gorgeous packaging the execution is flawless.  I spent a lot of time talking to Ael as we got details organized and she was always quick to respond and always a pleasure.  Even when we had issues trying to remit our second payment through a Canadian bank (which we made work, finally!) she was helpful every step of the way. And then there are the photos.  My husband and I have been married for over seven years and had mediocre pictures taken at our wedding.  We liked them but didn't LOVE them, you know?  Fast forward to this summer.  He and I had both lost a significant amount of weight and decided that while we were on vacation in Mexico celebrating my 40th that we'd renew our vows and get new photos done, photos that we'd love forever now that we felt better about how we looked. ...” (read more)

  • carolinev member avatar



    By: CarolineV · 2 Comments

    Pros: Gorgeous shot, awesome photogs, wonderful/helpful team, prompt responses

    I am posting this several months late but my experience is fresh in my mind.  I had an absolutely GREAT experience with Del Sol for our wedding.I found them while searching online for photographers in Riviera Maya and just fell in LOVE with their photography.  This was my splurge for our destination wedding and we have LOVED it! Their site is gorgeous and gives you a taste of their quality. I went right onto their website and emailed their info email address.  Ael was super helpful and prompt with emails, information and updates and answered ALL of my questions.  We had Juan Jose and Melissa for our big day and they were so much fun and artistic and both have great personalities.  Juan has a crazy amount of energy and will contort himself into some crazy positions and spaces to get the shot he has in mind (and run around at full speed with sparklers to get the shot from my wishlist!!).  Melissa is gorgeous and puts everyone at ease.  Dynamic duo  As we went through the night and Juan was taking his crazy shots he would show us on his camera and you could see right off his use of light and his camera skills.  His eye jus...” (read more)

  • katiekatie123 member avatar

    Absolutely Perfect Day!


    By: Katiekatie123 · 2 Comments

    Pros: The Quality of photos were amazing, Jonathan and Melissa were a fantastic team, Beautiful unique pictures, Captured the best moments

    Cons: Wish we would have had them at the Disco too!! :)

    Hello to all Brides and Grooms!My husband Josh and I got married in the beautiful Mayan Riviera, at Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa on May 7, 2013 @ 6pm. Del Sol Photography was the perfect addition to our day!! They are so talented and creative, with such vibrant photographs - we loooooved them!! They captured all our precious moments, and some of our most hilarious ones. We had a great experience through the booking process to the day we received our USB from them! Very helpful along the whole process, and genuinely great people. We had a gorgeous wedding day, the best day of our life!! And so happy that Jonathan and Melissa were there to capture our best memories!! ” (read more)

  • mkebride2be member avatar

    Del Sol Photography = Incredible Artistry


    By: MKEbride2be · 1 Comments

    Pros: Professional, artistic, enthusiastic, photo-journalist style

    Cons: Absolutely none!

    Choosing Del Sol for our wedding and trash the dress photography was definitely the best decision we made (after the decision to get married, of course!) in our wedding planning.  The photographs of our wedding and cenote/beach TTD are stunning.  We decided early in our planning we wanted a photographer that would capture the emotions of our wedding day in addition to the details; Del Sol exceeded our every desire.   Juan Jose literally turned our rainy day wedding into a rainbow and captured the fiery sunset in images that still leave me speechless.  Sol made our underwater dreams come to life--and then let things heat up on the beach.  Both photographers had an unbelievable ability to see beauty in our surroundings and to inspire us to open up and share our connection to each other with the camera.   Working with Del Sol was the easiest part of planning our destination wedding.  They are very well organized, prompt to respond to questions and always available via email or phone.  If you are looking for true artists to capture your memories, you have found your photographers.     Thank you so much to the whole Del Sol team....” (read more)

  • anna-y member avatar

    Amazing seemless experience!!!


    By: AnnA Y · 1 Comments

    Pros: Easy to work with. Professional. Creative.

    AWe just had our wedding in Mexico Riviera Maya Barcelo Maya Colonial hotel and Juan was our principal photographer. My experience with Del Sol photography was so easy to deal with, worry free and very professional. Juan was great! He is so much fun to work with and so so creative. I would reccomend Del Sol to any one. They are a bit pricy, but they are worth every penny. I'm so happy we chose them! I wish you all good luck with you upcoming weddings! Enjoy the process and pick your vendors wisely;)” (read more)

  • kmaruca member avatar

    An unforgettable experience with wonderful people!


    By: kmaruca · 1 Comments

    Pros: Talented, Generous, Professional...AMAZING

    Cons: None

    Booking Sol Tamargo as our principal wedding photographer was one of the best wedding planning decisions we made. What I love about Sol’s work (and that of the many amazing Del Sol photographers whose photos I ended up stalking over the past year) is that she more than documents the day, she somehow captures its essence.  She emphasizes the importance of telling your story, and my family and friends were literally in awe of her as she ran around capturing all the moments and the nuances that have allowed us to relive our wedding over and over again.  Her partner Diego was also awesome, and my husband will be forever indebted to him for capturing a true GQ moment with him and his best man!  And that’s just the day of. I also have to acknowledge the ever-cheerful Ael, who constantly exudes friendliness and warmth through email…even if she’d rather chat on the phone. Everyone at Del Sol understands how important this day is to you, and they work together to enhance its specialness. I have been consistently amazed by my experiences with Del Sol, and would highly recommend them to anyone.     Some of our favorites are below!      ...” (read more)

  • alimiller member avatar

    Amazing and a must do!!!


    By: alimiller · 1 Comments

    Pros: Wonderful, worth every penny!!

    Cons: Nothing

    AI chose del sol after I saw my friends trash the dress photos she did a few years ago.. I was in awe,and had to do it for when I got married.. Let me tell you it's hard work, but the experience is unbelievable!!! We worked with Debora who is such a sweetheart and amazing with her camera.. She truly is gifted, and makes you feel like you are star.. I can't wait to see all my photos from the cenotes. Del sol is fantastic, and worth every cent!! I wish I had them for my actual wedding, but I'm so grateful I did the TTD with them, because no one else could of delivered like this.. It's pure magic what they capture under the water..” (read more)

  • rachelva member avatar

    Del Sol is the best


    By: RachelVA · 1 Comments

    Pros: They are awesome, professional, excellent communication, amazing artists!

    Cons: none

    Sol was the most amazing artist, I love my pictures! My guests are still talking about her 4 months later!  She captured our day in a stunning special way. If you want the very best memories, hire Del Sol Photography.  From first contact you will be blown away by their attention to detail, artistry, great informative and prompt customer service, and when you get to your wedding day you can be confident that you will have every moment captured as art!” (read more)

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